UGC Ban dissection of animals use in academic Purposes


Now onward student will not dissect animals in the lab for the academic purpose. UGC (University Grant Commission) blocked the dissection of animals in the Institute which they are used for academic purpose. After the long fighting with activist finally UGC ready to block the process in the colleges.

The apex body of the UGC asked the institute not to dissect the animals for study for life science in the colleges. From today on words No animal from any species shall be dissected either by students or teacher in the class room for any of the purpose.

In 2001 UGC partially banned the dissection of the animals, Only teachers are allowed for the dissection and student allowed to watch and post Graduate students are allowed to dissect the animal for the education purpose only.

As per the UGC many of the animals used for the dissection were caught from their natural habitats.Due to this there is an imbalance of the population of the frogs. Most of the species are not found due to unavailability of the species.

By observing the various rules and regulation about animal welfare , UGC come to a point that , the study of the animal will be taken care by using models, charts and simulation process.

Also UGC directed to all Higher education Institute to stop the research by the use of animal body. It also ask the institute to maintain strict rules and regulation for this.

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