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India is a young nation, with 18 million out of its 132 million population in the 16-23 age bracket. This is the age group where students graduate from school or college and prepare for their careers through competitive and professional exams. These are crucial career deciding years for you.

But what happens if you don’t know what career path to choose? Or worse – you don’t get into your desired career path?

Most colleges and government jobs in India admit students/employees through competitive exams. But do you know exactly how competitive these exams are?

Every year more than 2 million aspirants appear for 50 + national exams and 500+ regional or university exams for undergraduate admissions, postgraduate admissions or job applications where the pass rate or selection percentage is a mere 0.1%to maximum 10%, which means less than1 out of 10 students pass through these exams and that most aspirants don’t get into their dream college or dream job.

Main Competitive Exam Streams in India

Main Competitive Exam Streams in India The Rock-Bottom Pass Rates of Competitive Exams in India

Hence it becomes ESSENTIAL that you as the aspirant prepare thoroughly, and more importantly, do not put all your eggs in one basket. After all, it’s just one day – you could have a bad day, you could be sick, you could be plain unlucky! Would you want to risk your entire career on performing well on ONE DAY?

Thus, students should appear for 3 to 4 exams of their chosen career paths. However, as parents and friends remain the primary influencers for the students, the knowledge of a student is often restricted by his/her environment and he/she is unable to think or act beyond that universe.

We at Exambazaar have taken concrete steps to solve this problem for the millions of students who dream to get into colleges and jobs of repute through these cut-throat competitive exams!

The answer is the ExamWiki which lays out all the career options in front of you, TOGETHER, to choose and make an informed decision about your career!

Let’s discuss more how it’ll benefit you!

What is ExamWiki?

ExamWiki is a unique tool that lets you input your personal details and academic credentials, and shows you customized exam choices suited to your requirements, that enables you to make the perfect short-term and long-term career decisions.

ExamwikiYou can traverse your ‘Career Map’ by entering your Qualifications, discovering Exams that you are eligible for, exploring Degrees that these exams lead you to and understanding the Careers that these degrees can grant you! 

Steps to Use ExamWiki

Step1: You need to input your personal information like age, name, and gender on the personal details page.ExamWiki

Step2:  Next step is to input the academic details, i.e. education level, academic performance at these levels(like percentage scored and subject stream) so that your eligibility for different exams can be assessed.ExamWiki

Step3: VOILA! With just these few details, the ExamWiki Tool will predict ALL the exams that you are eligible for across 12 different streams! You can choose to go for Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Law, Design, Finance, ANYWHERE.You dream it, you got it.ExamWiki

Bonus Step: Continue to read comprehensive information about your preferred exams, their syllabi, dates, what degrees these exams offer and start planning for a successful professional career! 

What should I do to get to my desired Career? 

  1. Make informed exam choices: The first step is to use ExamWikito decide on your career path by choosing the right exams and perusing through details, eligibility, syllabus, exam date, exam pattern, etc. 
  1. Select the right coaching using the Location-based Coaching Search: You can easily search for Coachings around You for your preferred exam and filter Coachings based on Expert ratings, course fees and distance, and check out other parameters like past results, photos, videos and reviews among30,000+ coaching classes in100+ cities. 
  1. Book A Counselling Appointment: It’s very important that you visit the Coaching Classes you have shortlisted. You can book a counseling session online on Exambazaar. Once you have visited and converged onto the best coaching class for you, use Exambazaar to get a discount and enroll in your course asap. The more time for preparation, the better. 
  1. Start Preparing: Read Exam Guides – Study from the comprehensive study material compiled from the domain experts, read about exam success stories from the toppers covering tips to prepare, what colleges should you aim for, how to prepare for your dream job in a phased manner and more. 
  1. Practice with free Previous Year Questions Papers: The best way to practice is to attempt Previous Year Question Papers earnestly and spend time analyzing your mistakes. It will help you learn where you’re going wrong and to keep a track of your preparations.

We hope this will help in your exam decision and preparation. ExamWiki is a boon in your crucial career planning and preparation stage. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your preparations and use these pro-tips judiciously!For any information feel free to Contact Exambazaar.

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