What does the percentile score Mean


Now a days most of the score card contain percentile score rather than percentage. This will help the student to recognize where the stand among the student who appeared the Exam. 

What does the percentile score Mean?

It is the percentage of  student below him/her in the test. The score Represent the relative position in the test among the candidate. Percentile is a statistical measure of distribution. 

Example : 

Student X wrote an exam which was written by a total of 1000 students. Suppose X stood 10th in the test – that is, there were 990 students below him in that test. 990 as a percentage of 1000 is 99. So, 99 per cent of the students who wrote the test were below X. So percentile of X is 99. 

Suppose Student Y stood 95th in the same test, i.e., there were 905 students below him. So, Y’s percentile score in this test will be 90.5. 

Can i get percentile score of 100?

Logically No, but rounding off the digits after the decimal point can lead to a score of 100.

As an example , candidate who get the percentile score of 99.995 or more will be rewarded as 100 percentile.

If you get 95 percentile in the test , means you above the 95 percent of the candidate who appeared the exam. 

In CAT 2013 , Eight student scored 100 percentile and 10 student 99.99 percentile. 

Simple calculation of percentile score 

There are 10 student who appeared the exam and scored  ,A= 54,B= 55, C=60,D= 72,E= 78, F=80, G=85, H=92, I=93, and J=95. 

we have to calculate the percentile of G.


So , the score of the  G is about to 64 percentile. 

CAT 2013 Result Announced Today

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