University of Delhi has set up its own weather station


The Geography Department of University of Delhi has set up its own weather station to study capital’s ‘microclimate’. The department has several scientists and interested in studying issues of health and urbanization.

The Rs.3.5 Lakh weather station was setup from the Antardhvani (Cultural fest of DU) prize money for ‘’Good Practices’’

For researchers, a station of their own will record hourly data for two months at a stretch. It can even record data at briefer intervals. Apart from temperature, it will also record humidity, wind speed, rainfall and pressure.

Delhi University “It is very important to study megacities as people migrate to such places. Delhi is large, populated and has complex land-use systems. You need better monitoring systems to understand the urban heat island phenomenon and the rapid changes in weather. And these can be analysed—how they are related to land-use system and if there are health implications—only if we have data,” the department head R P Singh said to TOI Correspondent. He said it would help them “develop some modelling capability”. 

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Indian Meteorological department (IMD) so far was the only agency to furnish the public data and it draws information only from two places in Delhi, Palam and Safardarjung and moreover it just gives single figure for the entire month. 

The Weather Station is as of now is under testing and the data will not be available to public as of now.

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Student Reporter from SGTB Khalsa College , University Of Delhi