Upper- age limit set for Nursery Education


Upper-age limit

The revised upper-age limit has been set for entry into primary classes by the directorate of education, Delhi. In 2007 the minimum age was fixed but upper-age has been debated for several years. In a departure from usual practice, the directorate of education has imposed separate limits for differently-abled children and permitted even further relaxation for mentally challenged ones. This decision would alter points distribution systems according to which nursery admissions are conducted.

The recent order issued on December 18, says for nursery classes, the upper-age limit will be “less than four years as on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought” and for KG (pre-primary) classes, it is five years and for Class I, six years. As some believe that age variation ranging from one month to two years in a class creates issues with the cognitive and social development of students. This new improved resolution to fix the upper-age limit seeks to improve upon this notion.

The decision seems sensible as it prescribes different rules for differently abled children, for physically-challenged kids, the limit is a year more—”less than five years” for pre-school, six for pre-primary and seven for Class I and for the mentally challenged, it is “less than five years as on 31st March…which can be further relaxed.” This new move is directed at changing various perspective about receiving education .

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