UPSC Exam: Dos and Don’ts



One of the toughest exam conductors, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the central authority that conducts various examinations to recruit candidates for various government services such as civil services, engineering services, defense services and so on. Every year the selection process is getting more and more competitive. Candidates prepare for this exam for months in advance to crack it which eventually opens the door of getting a nice job in the future.

There are nearly 25 different services in the government that recruit their workforce based on the civil services exam conducted by the UPSC which includes Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS), Indian Postal Services, Indian Railway Services, Indian Trade Services, among others. Candidates often have to make the decision of whether to move to Delhi and study there, or do self-study at home. This should be made according to convenience and not adhere to old processes.

Clearing the civil services exam (CSE) has no shortcuts and there are no magic tricks. Lakh of students have access to the same study material as the toppers do. What makes their way different or they did differently was that they practiced writing, took mock tests, were confident, and, of course, had a dash of good luck as well. Passing the interview is the final hurdle. It is important to maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and take a few seconds before answering the question asked. Also, it might be possible that the interviewer does not agree with the given answer, so one has to keep their calm and not get defensive.

During the interview one should never resort to wild guesses and speculations or give away one’s lack of confidence through any of the body gestures. One should never come across as being arrogant or overconfident. That is a big minus. Those who come successful are methodical and systematic about their study plan. Also, it is extremely important to turn a deaf ear to myths and focus on what is real.

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