What is the value of Executive Education? Is it Worth ?


Executive Education refers to the program designed for the Executive level of business leader, functional Manager across worldwide. These programs are add on to the Experience to understand the business process better and a added benefit to the decision-making process. [ WIKI ]. As per Business Week magazine Executive Education doing $800 Million Annual Business in the United States. 

From the Elite University to mid-size, all are providing Executive Programs and most are specialized in nature. Most of the Executive programs are for People Management and business centric. So most of the B-Schools are now offering the same. 

Executive Education

Image Source: www.execed.robinson.gsu.edu One of the leading Executive Education provider.

Nowadays Executive programs are a combination of Online as well as Offline structure along with Certification. Some of the executive programs are customized by the corporate to ensure quality improvement in the particular organization. 

The program emphasizes the goal and creates the mindset for the business. It is purely for the business leader to focus and identifying the goal and opportunity in the business. It is also the part of Skill development programs of the company. 

What is the value of Executive Education Program ?

The value of the Executive programs depends on upon the facilitator and the brand that provides the program. Self designed program by the corporate only focus on facilitator of the program. The university also plays a major role in the branding of the program. 

Executive Education provider in Overseas  like – Harvard Business School , Oxford University , MIT, Wharton School, London Business School is the most renowned and prestigious brand in the education. Their program itself speaks about the participant. the unique networking process and structure of the program develop the interpersonal skill for the decision making in the business. 

The Executive Education is worth when you use the skill not to see the problem but also find the solution and make the right decision on it. Simplification of the process by setting up the goal is the key factor of this program. The outlook complete focus on the practical and theoretical value of the Education.

Executive education now transforming the old method of education to a higher level less time consuming skilled education.

It is worth if you have prior Experience in the same field.

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