Importance of Vocational Education towards the Economy


What is vocational Education ?

Vocational Education is a practical training , non academic and  related to a specific trade and occupation . It gives practical Knowledge for a particular work system mainly refereed to  technical education. Vocational education might be classified as teaching particular knowledge in a particular field.

How it will be benefit to the job Market ?

With the Vocational education, market become more specialized towards work force  and develop skilled labor in the market. Indian Govt and private sectors providing wide support to the vocational training programs.

Now the labour market is become more specialized and demand of core competency in the particular field/trade, Govt emphasizes the vocational education in ground level.

Vocational education and training benefits individual, enterprises and sectoral level and they enforce one another.The main aim of the vocational education is a qualitative approach towards a particular job market.  Vocational education provides growth to economy in macro level.

Technical and vocational education in India develops human resources through 3 tier system.

  •  Graduate and Post Graduate Level
  • Diploma level
  • Certificate level

Graduate and post graduate level Vocational education prepares people for specific kind of trade or profession. It helps to specialize in a particular trade/field and grow of particular sector. Research shows that vocational education has great impact in the economy of the country.  Behind the formal education, vocational education work to develop backward category. It creates the job market for the people, who are unable to attain the formal education.

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How Vocational Education add value to the Economy ?

The economy always faces significant skill gaps across the industries, in particular Garment, Technology, hand Crafts and specialized fields. This always happen due to un-employment rates. It hampers economical figure as well as activities towards the development. The formal education takes time to bridge the gap and cannot deliver the skilled man power to push the economy in forward direction.

To solve the problem of unskilled man power, vocational education / training plays the great role in the country to boost the economy. Vocational education delivers the skilled man power within a time frame and direct fit to the job market. The skilled man power is always better for the industry because, they don’t need time for training which save the cost of the industry. The production rate also increases due to the skilled man power. 

Vocational education exists in industries like retail, tourism, handy crafts, information technology and cottage industries.

There are more than 17 departments are working in India for vocational education and providing funding for formal/non formal vocational training programs.

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