What are some of the popular myths about RRB-ALP jobs?


It is not uncommon for people to have misconceptions about government competitive examinations and jobs. Form the outside, everything looks very easy. It is only after you stem into the system that you realize that its pains.

There are myths associated with the railway jobs as well. But it is time to bust these wrong notions. The following points will highlight why the position of an RRB-ALP is not easy. It is hard for a layman to understand their hard work if they do not step into their shoes.

The huge salary for all loco pilots

The most popular myth, associated with the Railways is it offers a high salary. All government departments must maintain parity while paying the employees.

It is not possible that a bank clerk will get less salary than a Railway Group D employee. The salary of Railway officers is not more than bank POs.

The amount of monthly salary one draws will depend on the number of years of service, experience, and other factors. If you have the aptitude, and the intelligence to climb up to high posts, then you will get higher pay packages. But the salary will not be too lucrative during initial days if you are starting at the grass root levels.

Lucrative bonus for all employees

There was a time when the Indian Railway offers fat bonuses to all employees.

As this practice continued for several years, people formed a misconception that people working in the Indian Railway department get handsome incentives. In recent times, the Indian Railway is incurring losses.

RRB JobsAn organization can only offer a bonus when it makes a profit. As the Indian Railway is no longer generating high revenue, it cannot afford to offer very high incentives.

So, one who enters the RRB-ALP job with the expectation of receiving fat bonuses will be very disappointed. Contentment in what you have is the best path to happiness. The absence of high expectations will prevent disappointments. Railway Board pays bonus each year as per its profits.

Flexible working hours

Most private, as well as government sector jobs, have specific hours.

Some job types demand the employees work in shifts. People nurture the myth that railway employees have flexible working hours.

Even if they need to work in shifts, they get enough time to relax and refresh their system for the next way.

It is not true. Most locomotive drivers and engineers need to work for hard. They do not always get 12 hours of rest.

One may have to show up for the night shift on Monday, and then get back to afternoon duty on Tuesday. There is no way to escape from this. So, it is wise to attain information about the workers and their working conditions, before forming a wrong assumption.

Comfortable work environment

If a candidate bags a desk job under the RRB, then he/she will not have to toil too hard. But the lives of engine drivers, locomotive pilots, technicians, engineers, and gangmen are not a bed of roses. They have to work under very uncomfortable conditions.

These technicians work in extreme temperature conditions.

They do not have the luxury of sitting in temperature controlled rooms. Any candidate, who cracks the RRB-ALP exam, must prepare himself for backbreaking hard work.

Final Check out for NEET 2018 ExamNo matter what the weather is like, the locomotive pilots and technicians need to do their job. If they fail to do so, then the lives of others will be at stake. One thing is for sure, the loco pilots do not get to work in a comfortable environment.

Premium postings are within easy reach

Another RRB-ALP job myth is associated with posting.

If you get any central government job then you will be given posting in various parts. One cannot say that he/she wants to be stationed in his/her hometown.

That is not possible, and one must be ready to accept posting to a new area as and when the department deems fit.

Every candidate, selected through the Railway Recruitment Board, needs to serve away from hometown. Railway department has its own transfer and placement system.

Some think that it is easy for railway employees, especially the locomotive pilots to get transfers to premium locations. It is a misconception. Generally, employees don’t have any say in the transfers.

The decisions are made by the higher authority.

Some get placement in metro cities, while others have to work in rural areas. It is part of the job. It is not possible for Railway department to place all employees in prime locations.

Mutual transfers happen all the time

People suffer from the misconception that mutual transfers are easy, and happen all the time in Indian Railway. But that is also false information.

To start with, there is no way for a person to have concrete information about who else wants to opt for a mutual transfer.

There is a specific department that handles these applications. When two parallel applications come in, they are processed accordingly. But under no circumstance will it be a fast process.

Applications can remain unprocessed for several months, even years. Mutual transfer in the Indian Railways is a slow process. Yes! These do happen, but not as frequently as the outsiders think.

These were some of the misconceptions. If you have any other doubts, then you can get in touch with the experts. They have better information about the Indian Railway Recruitment Board and its operations. They will explain everything in details, allowing you to clear your mind of all myths.

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