What is your area of Interest ?


The very field in a resume, which haunts many pre-final yearites, which arises a lot of questions in them, like whether to fill up, or not to, a subject, or just a general topic, a topic in my domain of study, or something not even near my specialization – the ‘ Area of Interest ’.

Well, many of you would find this article just very funny, for the term ‘ Area of Interest ’ is self-explanatory, and everyone will have one for sure. It could be a subject which led them to take up a particular course, or a theme which caught their eye accidently. Many people take up a particular course, only because of a particular field in the domain, and hence, the very thought that finding the area of interest can be incubus, might seem ridiculous enough to laugh their stomach out, but not every person who drives knows the road in front of him by heart, before switching his engine on. Sometimes, students just take up a course, for instance, engineering, not out of interest, but out of peer pressure, parental pressure, or even worse, they might take it up, just to turn as a graduate in no particular field as such, and yes, most of the students from such lots end up in a dilemma while filling up the field of interest, as they do not have any interest as such and might not have encountered an area which is interesting enough.

areas of interestThe Area of interest plays a lot of importance in determining a student’s career. Students often sit for an interview while they are still doing their final year, and while they do so, they have to submit a copy of their resume with the recruiter. The field which catches the eye of the recruiter is most usually, the ‘area of interest’, as jobs are given, based on the depth of knowledge and the lust for learning that a student possesses. People who take up a course without any particular goal (umm, becoming a graduate cannot be considered as a PARTICULAR goal) find it difficult to locate their area of interest, as they might not have come across any interesting till the time they sit for an interview, or just because they did not pay dedicated attention towards any particular subject as such. Such people end up surfing the great GOOGLE, an answer for all the problems faced by a present day student. Google does come up with a lot of picks, and sometimes, might even help one gain enough knowledge to answer some simple questions that frequent interviews, but the pick will never justify the word INTEREST that is put up as the header for the pick.

According to me, the Area of interest should be recrudesced by a student on his own, in a process of learning his subjects. Colleges must adopt innovative methods to teach the subjects to students, as the traditional teacher and classroom method restricts the thinking of a student to the four walls of the classroom.

Excess of lab exercises included in the curriculum will ensure that a student completely understands the basics. Moreover, accession of activities like mini projects wedges students to look into new corners of the subject, which they can never confront in textbooks. Lastly, the issue of filling up the field ‘Area of interest’ should not be seen as a disappointment, but as an opportunity to explore and learn something fresh.

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