What should be the Basic Requirements to Recruit Good Teachers?


good teachersRecruiting good teachers is the foundation for an educational institution to flourish and for providing quality education to its students. It should be a primary focus of any institution. Good teachers are resources who improve the learning potential of a student, increase their interest in studies, motivate them to learn new things as well as channel their energy and talent in the positive direction. Certain standards should be kept in mind while recruiting teachers that won’t be compromised in any situation.

First of all, for better recruitment to happen one should aim for proper benefits to be awarded to teachers for joining an institution. In most cases, we see a concentration of well-qualified teachers in one institution and all the students get into the competition of getting accepted in that college or school. To prevent this, both private and governmental institution should maintain rules so that teaching professionals are able to deliver their best regardless of wherever they are recruited. Secondly any institution should focus on recruiting the best teachers possible for fields such as mathematics, science, special education, and teaching of English as a second language, which have real shortages and where strategic recruitment incentives are needed.

The focus should be on teachers who are qualified as well as acquainted with classroom teaching techniques that can hold a student’s attention span for a longer time. It is becoming extremely necessary to focus more on the later since in many cases it is seen that the teachers are qualified but they are not able to deliver well. And lastly it must be remembered that retaining teachers are a far larger problem than recruiting new ones, a key to solving teacher “shortages.” This could be solved with better provision of administrative support and strong colleagues as well as tangible teaching conditions and salaries. If these points are kept in mind then recruitment problems could be easily tackled. 

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Rituparna Das
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