What would the Digital India Vision mean for the Country?


The Digital India project has been one of the primary projects of the new Modi administration for the benefit of the country. This Digital India vision of the Modi government aims to integrate government departments and connecting them to the people of India. It would emphasize upon rural internet connectivity by providing high speed internet to users in rural areas so that they can take advantage of information gathered from net. For the Digital India vision to succeed, the government is placing high importance on digital literacy, building of digital infrastructure and looking for ways for delivering the promised facilities digitally and in a user friendly manner as the target users are mostly people of rural India.  

digital indiaTo put in simple words, the Digital India vision for the country would lead to simplification on several levels if the plan works out as said. It would lead to a reduction of paper works, things could be registered digitally by the individuals themselves which would lead to less corruption in the government departments and it would help in quicker services. The project would facilitate Digital Locker, providing e-education, scholarship portals and digital signatures. The project is dated to be completed by 2019 and would be administered by the Digital India Advisory group chaired by the Ministry of Communication and IT. The Digital India vision is a two way platform where both the service providers and consumers would benefit from the success of this plan if carried out properly.

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The path as viewed by this vision of Digital India seems long and challenging as providing internet connectivity in the interiors is a big challenge. Further for the success of this plan, users have to be made educated and aware of the facilities of using the net. However one thing need to be made clear is that the Internet.org project of Mark Zuckerberg is different from the Digital India vision and both are not to be confused the readers. People would benefit from the Digital India vision if the administration is efficient and India would certainly see a better future.

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