Is Whatsapp a boon or a curse???


WhatsApp has really been a cool mobile application among young generation these days. Connecting to your friends, group chat, sharing photos and videos are the common activities people do using WatsApp. But every innovation has a negative usage which can convert the boon into a real curse. Recently, Watsapp has been used by the education mafia to circulate answers of the entrance examination held by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for recruitment to clerical positions.


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The incident happened in Bareilly, and three aspirants have been caught using unfair means during the examination. The in charge of the examination centre found three aspirants with mobile phone and copying slips during the examination. An FIR has been lodged against all three at Kotwali police station under various sections of the IPC.

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The same mobile application, WhatsApp has helped cops in several cases in recent past in city. But using the same application for cheating in exam is such a serious crime. Invigilators found a mobile phone from one Naveen Kumar, who was allegedly passing on answers to other two aspirants, Surendra and Daanveer, at Government Girls Inter College. Police has seized the mobile of one of the accused. Invigilators also found a few cheating slips from other few candidates.

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