Which country has the best education System in the World ?


Education is the Most Integral part of the Economy. It is the prime responsibility and obligation of the Govt.  The good education system provides learning the life in the different way along with Education. Most of country provides primary education free of cost. The primary Education Expenditure is under the Govt budget. 

Organized systematization, co-ordination and regular development of the education from grass root level enhancing education system in the country. Itself education is the proof to the development and progression of the Nation. 

If we consider the World Education system, South Korea provides world’s best Education whereas Japan and Singapore are in 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Which country has the best education System in the World?

best education system in the world

South Korea spends 7.6% of its GDP on overall Education in the Country which is more than the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). [Wiki]. All teachers get high respect in the country. Literacy rate of Korea is 97.9% in which males are dominating at 99.2% to Women at 96.6%.  Korean economic development represents its good education System.

Japan is the Second in the row due to technology-based education system the country. 

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