Why a B.Pharm course followed by an MBA from one of the top MBA colleges in Bihar is a killer combo!


B. Pharm stands for Bachelor of Pharmacy and it is oriented to the field of Pharmacy.

B. Pharm Course is a 4-year full-time course and it is perhaps the second best if one is willing to enter the field of Medicine.

B. Pharm graduates are required in several fields and they are instantly recognized because of their thorough knowledge of medicine.

Nowadays, all classes of society are so caught up with MBBS, that only 70 percent of aspirants make it in an MBBS college. And what’s even worse is that only a fraction makes it to really good colleges.

B. Pharm course is fond of Chemistry and the aspirants should be very strong with their basics.

B.Pharm courseThe B.Pharm course encompasses core subjects like Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Physiology, and Anatomy. As well as, Pharmacognosy which is not related to chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis which are by name chemistry subjects.

So, it is best to have sound knowledge in Chemistry.

B.P harm Graduates who are willing to pursue Master’s degree and yield in-depth knowledge prefer to join M.Pharm course followed by Pharm.D.

It all boils down to an individual, that he might start his own Medical Chain and head it as a Pharmacist or Chemist, which is a service to people, and service to people is nothing but service to the country.

Bihar is so full of diversity and it has been one among the major centers for learning given its competition in almost all the sectors.

It is home to Universities like Nalanda and Vikramshila, along with a National Institute and Indian Institute of Technology, which is situated in its Capital City, Patna.

The Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya was established in 2015; and ever since its inception, it has redefined the quality of management studies. With this being said, there are top MBA colleges in Bihar.

Colleges in Bihar are also opening admissions for the students who are interested in Medicine alongside their interest in Business.

They can register for a chronic course which allows a student to pursue B.Pharm course followed by MBA course from the top colleges in Bihar. This course will be more like a continuity course and will help propel the business aspect in each and every individual who is interested in the field of Medicine.

College listEnough said! Let’s get cracking! Here are the top MBA colleges in Bihar:

  • LN Mishra Institute of Economic Development & Social Changes
  • J D Women’s College
  • Chandragupta Institute of Management
  • Anugrah Narayan College
  • P. Sharma Institute of Technology
  • Gaya College
  • Catalyst Institute of Management and Advance Global Excellence
  • Millia Institute of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya
  • Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic and Persian University
  • Zakir Husain Institute
  • D. College, Patna
  • Sachchidananda Sinha College
  • Magadh Mahila College
  • Patna College
  • Cybotech Campus
  • Marwari College, Bhagalpur

Masters in a Top MBA College in Bihar: More Than Just A Trend

There is an inevitable trend of the direction of things, one of which is pursuing MBA from the top MBA colleges in Bihar.

There are only a handful of people that stand out as managerial professionals who manage risk and make decisions that most of us are not comfortable in making.

This is where the colleges help propel their confidence by conducting Industrial Visits and Internships to make them understand every aspect of an industry. Now we arrive at a question, can this be done all by myself?

Yes, we can but we will still be disoriented if it is not organized into a curriculum in which everything is oriented to fulfill the professional course.

Pharma industries also need medical professionals who can manage, the need for most efficient supply chain management and quality control is at its peak, and an MBA graduate can completely fulfill this need.

The best part about the top MBA colleges in Bihar is that the students always stick to their crafts and do what they are really good at. Given the proximity of their knowledge, there are several career paths to choose from, and it completely depends upon the interests of an individual.

Life has got everything to offer, but it all depends upon an individual which way they want to steer it in.

Career Breakdown after MBA!

After pursuing MBA, Graduates have an accelerating start and there is no looking back from here.

Some go on to head companies as the CEO, some start their own pharmaceutical startup’s and the rest of them work in reputed organizations in management positions.

MBA graduates are the key to the success of an organization. They are the decision makers whom we can rely upon.

Moreover, as the courses in the top MBA colleges in Bihar are well established, it enhances their decision-making skills and lets them think in the most pressured situation allowing them to overcome the ambiguity.

There is an enormous need for medical professionals all over the globe. B. Pharm with an MBA degree is a special combo which puts the student in a very special position to be able to take up managerial positions in Pharma Industry.

“Dignity is to Manage for what Justice is to Law and Health is to Medicine”

Information Provided by Mr. Nikhil Nageshwar Inturi.

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