Why does digital marketing serve as an alternative career for technical students?


Digital marketing has come up as a new face of marketing with more cost effective and flexible marketing as compared to the traditional marketing methods.

What is Digital marketing? What is the Benefit of Digital Marketing Course?

Over a period of time companies have realized that traditional marketing methods won’t work and they, therefore, have started hiring digital marketing companies.

digital marketingThey have considered it as an immediate need to create and learn digital marketing strategy through which they can connect with their customers by increasing the time spent on their smart phones and laptop.

You might be aware that digital market companies in India are growing at more than 40% rate of growth each year.

This is because every company wants to make their presence felt online and want to generate more revenue online.

Through digital marketing companies don’t have to do cold calling, instead customers approach businesses. This helps businesses in a lot of ways. Also, this has led to lots of job creation digital marketing. Let’s have a look at how digital marketing can be an option for students.

Why does digital marketing serve as an alternative career for technical students?

If you belong to the technical background then you must be aware of the basics of the field.

digital MarketingGetting yourself equipped with management skills and digital marketing, help you in gaining better and stronger employability for a long time.

The current digital marketing companies lack trained professionals and so the demand is also getting higher with time. People with skills in digital marketing have the best chance to get that opportunity and similarly it is also the right time for students who are searching for the alternative option to refine their skills by pursuing digital marketing course.

Many areas are available such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, content writing etc. where you can develop your career.

As a digital marketing manager, you will have to create and implement all the marketing campaigns and formulate the strategies which can generate more traffic or business for websites.

The web analytics expert must analyze and track data in order to measure the rate of success of one campaign. He has a role of analyzing the traffic on the website with the number of clicks on one link to evaluate marketing campaigns effectiveness.

The SEO experts are involved in the keyword research and page indexing in order to optimize one website to gain best results over the search engine. The social media manager has the authority over different social media networks including Twitter and Facebook to create the image of the brand.

The social media manager has the authority over different social media networks including Twitter and Facebook to create the image of the brand.

The copywriters write engaging content for different websites in order to promote their product such as blogs, email pop up ads etc.

Nearly every company has an opening in the field of digital marketing at this point and they are looking for the people who have special skills in the respective field which can help them optimize and generate more revenue.

The selection of different areas of digital marketing as a career is completely dependent on you.

internet marketingIf you are having any certifications within these fields, it offers a clear and obvious opportunity to make a career.

Building a Career in Digital marketing 

Not only businesses, you can become a digital marketer on your own.

In the last couple of decades, you might have seen Chartered Accountants practicing independently. Similarly, a digital marketer can also practice on its own. Generating revenue is more important than filing, auditing and reporting which can happen only after you have generated revenue.

Choose your career wisely. It is something you don’t only want to be passionate about, but make a living out of it as well.

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Harneet is an Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and an MBA graduate from IMT Ghaziabad. He is the founder of The Buzz Stand, which helps entrepreneurs and businesses in educating them about how to go about things such as free digital marketing course. In case they can’t do it, The Buzz Stand offers them one stop solution, one of which is acting as a digital marketing company in India.

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