Why Education Sector need foreign Funds ?


investment in education sectorMost of the investor are not interested in Indian Education sector only for ” Not for Profit Tag ” . Bellow the tag label now it is purely profit oriented. Primary Education is completely free in India by Govt but day to day Private players are grabbing the opportunity of inefficiency of Govt school and slowly taking over the education sector to pricing model.

K12 Education is now more costly than Higher education in India. Parents need Good education for their child with Security and brand. Govt unable to provide both due to lack of Education budget. No body is talking about Education but no body is taking care to create a structure of educational impact.

Allowing the investment in Education sector wide the opportunity and provide easy accessibility to the students to the education. When the money comes it will attracts high pay teachers to the Institute . That mostly enhance the quality of Education.

As per TOI Govt to push for foreign funds in education sector . Govt is playing safe role in Education sector where as Private sector involving in education with a clear profit motive.

According to 2011 census , India has 544 University which include 261 State University , 73 state private university , 42 central university , 130 deemed University  and 33 Institutions of National Importance. In India 546 Million people under age of 25 . India Needs 1.2 million more teachers under the right to education campaign.

India has the huge potential in the education sector will be more at 2020 . India’s education sector needs investment worth USD 150 Billion in the next 10 Year [Source] .

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