Why fashion designing is a good career Option ?


Fashion design is the art of design and aesthetics or adding beauty to clothing and accessories and is dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. It is influenced by varied cultural and social latitudes.

Till 19th century designing & creating clothes was handled by anonymous seamstresses and any high fashion was descended from royals. Actual sample garments were made for clients and only if liked were they completed. If the sample was not liked then the same used to go waste as it could not be used for anything else. This entire process used to cost handsomely to the person.

Fashion design careerIn the later part of 19th century i.e; in 1858 Charles Frederick Worth founded House of Worth. He is considered to be the father of Haute Couture. He used live models to promote his garments and used to sew branded labels into his clothing. His fashion salon attracted Royalty and with them followed the monied society. He innovated on the 19th-century dress and made it more suited to everyday life.

Fashion Designing is divided into 3 basic categories

  • Haute Couture
  • Ready-to-Wear
  • Mass Market

Haute Couture is a made to order to high profile individual.  Clothes are made of expensive fabric, sewn with attention to detail. It is often time-consuming and due to the quality of fabric and the cost involved, fashion houses make a very little direct profit.

Ready-to-Wear clothes are not made for individual customers, but they are made in small quantity to guarantee exclusivity. Great care is taken in choosing the fabric and making it as well. These are usually presented by fashion houses during Fashion Week.

Mass Market caters to wide range of customers. Garments are produced using the trends set by the famous names in fashion, cheaper fabric and simpler production techniques are used to save money and time. All this allows them to sell these products at much cheaper prices.

A successful Fashion designer needs to develop a few skills necessary to take them to greater heights.

  • Most important skill is to have knowledge of the fabric. Ability to understand how fabric drapes, react when worn etc is essential when designing.
  • Excellent Sewing skills are mandatory for any Fashion Designer. If you develop the ability to sew difficult fabric and material under challenging situations will stand you in excellent stead.
  • Should have good visual imagination and ability to think in three-dimensions and put their ideas into garments.
  • Spend time in perfecting your craft. The more time you spend the better you will become.
  • Follow successful designers, know their signature style and inculcate the kind of dedication and discipline, they have showcased in their lives.
  • Develop good communication skills to be able to express their ideas clearly to their audience.

Though to be a successful fashion designer it is not necessary to have a formal education in the field but it makes good sense to get a diploma or a degree in fashion design. You will learn a lot and will be able to showcase your skills in a less judgemental environment. Below are the top colleges providing courses in Fashion Designing.

Image Source: little journals

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