Why Govt conveyed for sustainable Profit to State funded Institutes ? Is Education a Profitable Business ?


It’s high time to earned enough revenue ”  Modi Government conveyed to the all state funded Institutions including IITs and IIMs. Reported by Times of India. Direction from the Govt is on track for an assessment of user charges on the services they are providing. Is Education a profitable Business? If Not, Why Govt Need profit From Education Institute?

It is an initiation to review and realization of user charges and experiment for various ways for revenue generation.

Fees hike in the Public funded institutes is always a big task as it is politically intact.

Rather than hiking the fees of main courses, the addition of multiple options will give a better result for revenue generation.

education-a-profitable-businessMost of the Public funded institutes uses their infrastructure for revenue generation like Exams and Training but which is not adequate.

Govt need to add multiple revenue generation parameters rather than fees hike in Main course.

If we consider Education a profitable business for the Govt, then this proposal will be harmfull to the economy as well as the growth of the nation.

Many institutes already added short-term training courses along with the Main programs. All the programs ranging from one week to 1 year or some Certification program for corporates.

Narendra Modi: Focus on Qualitative Improvement in Education

Going forward we are expecting more and more certification course from the IITs and IIMs.

Now the question is, will be forcing Govt funded institute for revenue generation is right ? Is this right way to deal with Indian Education System ?

Education is not a business, but as per this move, Govt Planning to run the Education Institutes as a Business. If Govt will planning for the profit in Education field by forcing to generate a new way to add revenue, the education system will not sustain with their own Aim.

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