Why India Needs to shut down 5 lakh Govt Schools ?

Why India Needs to shut down 5 lakh Govt Schools

I agree with Seema Bansal. India needs to shut down 5 lakh Govt Schools to improve the education system. 

Sometimes More is harmful, less will bring an impact on the quality of education.

There are many schools located rural part of India runs with maximum one or two teachers having distress infrastructure. Most of the Schools are running in a single room or by max on the outside verandah of the school.

Students of these schools neither supported by clean drinking water or facility of adequate Toilets. 

It only emphasizes the existence of the system without a supporting in nature. 

The base level of Education is diluted and not focused due to the quantity of the school’s respect for pupil strength. 

Infrastructure is a burden to suffice each and every setup. 

Merging the schools will add advantage to share the single infrastructure for better usability. 

The definition of Education is not the multiple accessibilities, should be setup adhere to the quality.

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