Why Indians Take Engineering as the Preferred Career Option?


Emerging economies like India have always showed a preference for engineering as the preferred career option. Barring the obvious fact of the career being immensely lucrative, it gives a change of showcasing ones innovation along with providing a high flexibility of changing ones career path. It provides a fantastic opportunity for students to study in highly reputed educational institutions in India like the IITs and the NITs and also provides similar options abroad too like MIT. It is also viewed upon as a “base” degree that allows branching out due to their high degree of analytical aptitude and application-based thought process.

engineeringAccording to recent statistics about 80% of the people in the 16 to 18 year age group prefer engineering as their career option for the future. The phenomenon of globalization coupled with the emerging economies need for better infrastructure and industrial base has further increased the craze for this profession. The demand for engineering could be well understood when we see that the number of IITs in India has grown from 4 to 16 and the number of NITs has grown to 30 now. But in spite of this growth the engineering colleges are still not able to cope with the demand.

Students usually crack a good job after their four year course and do not have to wonder around. This is a huge factor that a lot of aspirants keep in mind while taking up the stream. The dot-com bubble burst in 2000 made India become one of the most attractive destinations for Internet and IT services. Added to this fact is that in India brainpower in terms of quantity and quality is also adequately available and from the MNCs (Multi-National Companies) perspective, it is also cheaper. Though over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of students opting for courses other than engineering, one can’t deny that the demand for this stream is still much higher.

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Rituparna Das
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