Why Typing Skill is So Important in Studying Programming Languages?

How to Improve Your Typing Speed

Making the effort to improve your overall typing skill can be a critical factor when it comes to studying programming languages. Some like to dismiss touch typing as the sole preserve of professional typists or perhaps even secretaries.

However, this, in reality, is a different matter altogether. Indeed, in this digital age, virtually all professionals from across various fields, can access immense benefits from taking the time to master this all important skill.

How to Improve Your Typing SpeedThis is particularly the case for those whose immediate duties necessitate working in front of a computer display and utilizing a keyboard repeatedly. It so happens that programmers snugly fit into this description, and endeavoring to master the best typing skills are essential to all prospective programmers.

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Well then, here are some fundamental reasons why typing skill is so important in studying programming languages than in other professional studies.

The right typing skill will greatly enhance your typing speed and accuracy.

Improving average typing speed and accuracy are naturally the primary objectives why you should make the effort to master touch typing.

By being a proficient touch typist, you won’t have to unceasingly glance down at your keyboard as you write code.

Rather, you will depend on your innate motor reflexes to be able to find the right key at the right time, with all your concentration focused on your PC’s display.

In turn, this will greatly increase your overall coding speed and accuracy. On an average basis, an ordinary typist can type 41 words per minute (wpm), but with touch typing, you can effortlessly do at least 60 wpm.

Also, as you will have the keyboard layout inscribed in your mind, finding the right key at the right time is made infinitely more easier and convenient. With the passage of time, you will come to discover that your coding speed and accuracy have made significant bounds forward.

Good typing skill will greatly enhance your productivity.

Inefficient typing methods such as the hunt and peck technique are invariably ill-suited to improve a programmer’s productivity.

This is simply due to the fact that these methods demand a lot of visual preoccupation with the keyboard.

A state of affairs, which in most cases than not, can make it extremely difficult to keep abreast with the numerous coding ideas and inspirations in your head.

Additionally, you will often find that you will have to waste a lot of valuable time in debugging typographical errors in your blocks of code, which will divert your attention from the bigger picture.

Both of these factors can significantly compromise the overall speed it takes to code even the most simple of applications.

While at the same time significantly impairing their logical flow. Nevertheless, with touch typing, your accuracy as you write code can be substantially enhanced.

This definitely means that you will find yourself in a better position of making fewer coding errors, with perhaps, the exception of the runtime varieties.

All in all, in the long run, mastering touch typing can greatly boost your productivity as a programming student, and also later on, as a professional programmer.

Typing skill will greatly enhance your comfort and health.

It is important to take note of the fact that the skill of touch typing does not only concern itself with improving overall typing speed as well as accuracy. This indispensable skill also has a lot to do in imparting master touch typists with the very best typing ergonomics. Like all programmers, you will have to spend long hours on end inputting code into your programming languages’ text editors.

So, when you make use of the wrong typing methods, you will put yourself at a heightened risk of sustaining a variety of repetitive stress injuries to your fingers, hand, and wrists. Most of which can wreck havoc to your comfort and health as a professional programmer as you write code.

On the other hand, with touch typing, you will learn a number of vital techniques, which can help you to totally do away with the potent risks of sustaining repetitive stress injuries.

This includes learning how to integrate the ideal typing posture in order to decrease the strain exerted on your neck and back as you crane your head towards your PC’s display.

While also learning how to adopt the right keyboard finger placement that will allow you evenly distribute the pressure exerted on all your fingers as you code.

Well then, now you hopefully fully comprehend the pertinence of adapting the right typing skill when you wish to study programming languages and become a successful programmer.

This article is written by  Daria Postoyalkina development manager at Ratatype. This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed.

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