A Student can Earn Money, You Write We Reward Program From CampusTwist


you-write-we-rewardWe started ” CampusTwist ” to spread Education news and Information from Education Provider to Study Seekers. With an aim to reach Each Individual with some Education information, every day we are going forward.

We are here to bridge the gap of Education information for students by simplifying Education News from Education Provider.

We are launching our New project “You Write We Reward” for the students. In this program, Students can earn Cash prize by writing News and Article to solve Education Problem which includes Institute Review, News of Reward Recognition, Result and Exam announcement and information of Education product.

Which kind of Article we accept through ” You Write We Reward” Program ?

We accept an article on below topic.

  • Admission News
  • Result Announcement
  • Examination Announcement
  • About Education product
  • About Education website
  • About Institute
  • Reward and Recognition of Institute or students
  • New course Addition
  • News and events of the Institute
  • Any Information related to Education

Must Read Before Participate ” You Write We Reward ” Program :-

Only Qualified articles will be published on CampusTwist. The article contains Education news and information is only accepted for Review.

Note : We are not Providing any Education, so, don’t send any Education material to publish.

Here is some guideline to follow for Participating.

  1. Before Writing, must visit www.campustwist.com and read at least 10 article to get the idea of the article that we are publishing.
  2. Draft your headlines and search in www.campustwist.com, If it is already published , change to another topic because will not publish one article multiple time but you can write a review of same by quoting the existing one.
  3. The article must be unique, copied from other sources will not be considered.
  4. Every article must be 300 to 500+ words along with the relavant original image (Image copied from Google will not be considered).
  5. You can use your college photo/Department Photo/Photo of Books captured by you. Can be  used multiple photos in a single article.
  6. All article must contain Author details, like Name, College Name, Email Id, Contact Number, Location and Author Photo to Publish.
  7. Receiving and Article is not a guarantee of publication.
  8. Received article can be  edited by our team to make it SEO friendly.
  9. Our aim to spread Education News and Information so, Every article should be written to keep our aim alive.

What Next after publishing of Article ?

After publishing your Article you must share it with social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) to reach your near and dear ones and ask for the review of the article as a comment. It will give you confidence on writing as well as they will get one information related to Education.

If your article most shared and commented you will be eligible for Extra Reward from Us.

When I will get paid, If my Article Published?

We pay the writer at month end. End of the every month we initiate the payout and it will reach before 5th of Next month. [ Example : Writers are paid on September 5th, for Article published in the month of August].

Wea have fixed a range of Rs 250 to Rs 500 for Qualified Article. If some article is more descriptive and contains more information for students will pay more. A regular article like Announcement of Result, Reward Recognition, Events at college and news from campus will be paid Rs 250.

How much can I earn from this Program ?

You can earn a handsome amount by providing a concentrated article and engage the audience to it.

If you want to work with us mail your CV to Sandhya@campustwist.com

How to send Article to Publish?

Every article can be sent to news@campustwist.com along with relevant image and author profile.

For more information, you can contact us or leave a comment to reply back on this article.

Happy Writing, Let’s Spread Education together.

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Simplifying Education news and Information. Aim to reach each Individual with some Education Information. Let's Spread education together.